AI Powered People Analytics

Automatic, Real-Time & Continuous Employee Insights Without Running Surveys!

What Does TruPulse Do?
Real-Time Insights to Understand the Workplace
TruPulse is an AI platform that automatically provides insights on employee morale, engagement, retention, trending workplace topics and company culture. TruPulse takes the work out of understanding the employee experience.
How Does TruPulse Work?
AI Powered IO Psychology
TruPulse combines IO psychologist trained AI algorithms, communications tools like Teams and Slack and data from HRIS systems to provide real-time insights on the employee experience.
Why Does TruPulse Help?
Creating a Better Employee Experience
Understanding employees increases engagement, improves retention, and helps cultivate a healthy work culture. With TruPulse you see the most important employee insights everyday.
Integrating with the Most Popular Communication Platforms
TruPulse develops insights using the most common communications tools companies already use! No need to install separate systems to generate people insights, TruPulse leverages the systems companies already have.
Import Data From Your HRIS Systems
TruPulse integrates seamlessly with the most popular HRIS tools. Import data to filter insights by any employee category. All data is de-identified before processing so companies get the benefit of seeing results by groups while respecting and protecting employee privacy.
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