Surveying Employees
Without Surveys

TruPulse is an AI platform that helps you understand employees without running traditional surveys.

Raise Workforce Morale
Know the morale of the entire company, a department or any specific group. See morale trends over time or dig into how different segments compare.
Uncover Important Issues
Stay in tune with the employee experience by knowing what people care about. Track and explore the important topics trending at work and get a detailed analysis on what is important to your employees
Strengthen Workplace Culture
Measure if you are experiencing the company culture you want to promote. Get unique insights on behavior and measure the effectiveness of training programs to improve the employee experience for everyone.
Maximize Employee Engagement
High employee engagement leads to increased productivity, better retention and stronger business results. Continuously measuring engagement gives leaders the data they need to evaluate progress.
Retain Valued Employees
A sign of a healthy workplace is a high employee retention rate. By tracking retention risks, companies can understand when the workplace experience is on track
Create Company Supporters
Gauge employee satisfaction by seeing what percentage of the workforce is a company supporter vs detractor. Knowing when your policies are successful comes down to understanding employee satisfaction.
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