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Combining morale, trending topics and cultural health for a complete view of the workplace

As the workforce landscape evolves, organizations are placing a growing emphasis on understanding the employee experience. This involves taking a holistic approach to understanding the workplace environment and how employees interact with it. To do this, organizations need to combine different types of people analytics data. This includes employee morale, trending workplace topics, and cultural health indicators. By analyzing all three, organizations can get a better understanding of the employee experience, which can ultimately lead to improved employee engagement and retention.

Measuring Employee Morale

Employee morale is an essential aspect of the workplace environment. It refers to the overall level of job satisfaction and engagement among employees. Measuring employee morale can be done in a variety of ways. One common method is through employee surveys. These surveys can be conducted periodically to gauge employee satisfaction and engagement levels. They can also be used to gather feedback on specific workplace issues or initiatives.

A more modern way to measure employee morale is through AI based People Analytics software like TruPulse that automatically analyzes employee morale and allows HR teams to filter data by using groups like department, region, job function or demographic categories. 

Measuring Trending Workplace Topics

Trending workplace topics are another important aspect of understanding the employee experience. This includes topics that are top-of-mind for employees, such as new policies, initiatives, or changes to the workplace environment. Measuring trending workplace topics can be done through social media monitoring, employee surveys, or AI based people analytics software.

Social media monitoring involves tracking mentions of the organization or specific topics on social media platforms. This can provide insights into what employees are saying about the workplace and how they feel about certain initiatives or policies. Employee surveys can also be used to gather feedback on specific workplace topics. This can help organizations identify areas of the workplace that require improvement or that are particularly important to employees. AI based people analytics software continuously generates lists of which topics are growing in importance, which are declining as well as providing more detailed sentiment and emotional analysis of topics.

Measuring Cultural Health

Cultural health refers to the overall health of the workplace environment. This includes factors such as diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), harassment, and discrimination. Measuring cultural health can be done through a variety of methods, including employee surveys and people analytics software.

Employee surveys can be used to gather feedback on workplace culture and identify areas of improvement. For example, an organization may ask employees to rate the workplace culture in terms of inclusivity or whether they have experienced any instances of harassment or discrimination.

People analytics software can also be used to measure cultural health. This type of software can analyze data on employee behavior to identify potential issues related to DEI, harassment, or discrimination. By tracking data on this type of behavior, HR teams can monitor to see if training programs implemented were effective in building a better workplace experience.

Combining All Three to Better Understand the Workplace Experience

By combining data on employee morale, trending workplace topics, and cultural health, organizations can gain a more comprehensive understanding of the employee experience. This can help them identify areas of improvement and develop strategies to improve employee engagement and retention.

With advanced People Analytics software, sophisticated algorithms can begin to piece together different sets of data to uncover underlying insights. For example, if morale is down with women last month, HR teams can review trending topics to see if certain issues may have come up which disproportionately affect women in the workplace. Digging deeper, HR teams can check to see if there was an increase in cultural problems making the workplace less inclusive for women. 

Or maybe morale is up considerably in the sales and marketing department. Looking at the trending topics could reveal that the changes to commissions and the bonus plan made last year were being received favorably and with numbers looking good, the teams were bullish on the quarter. There could also have been leadership changes implemented to improve some cultural behavioral issues found in the department and when reviewing the trends, it is evident that the department was trending much more favorably on DEI and the employees were showing their adoption of a much more positive environment for all the employees in the department.

Combining Data is Easy with Advanced HR Technology

In today’s fast-paced business world, understanding the employee experience is more important than ever. By combining different types of people analytics data using the latest HR tech, organizations can gain a more comprehensive understanding of the workplace environment and develop strategies to improve employee engagement and retention. This includes measuring employee morale, trending workplace topics, and cultural health indicators and combining insights of all three to better understand the workplace.

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