Friday, June 16th 2023

Opinion Churn, Make up Your Minds Employees!

In today's fast-paced world, workplace issues are constantly changing, and employee opinions are evolving rapidly. It is crucial for HR teams to understand employee opinions and how they change over time. This helps employers to create a positive company culture, improve employee morale, and increase employee retention.

Why it is important to understand employee opinions

Understanding employee opinions is critical to creating a work environment that is conducive to productivity and engagement. Employees are the backbone of any organization, and their opinions can be a valuable source of information for HR teams. Knowing what employees think about the company culture, management practices, work-life balance, and other critical factors can help employers to make informed decisions that will improve employee engagement and morale.

Additionally, employees who feel that their opinions are valued are more likely to be engaged and productive. They are also more likely to be loyal to the company and remain in their positions for longer periods of time. By listening to employees and implementing changes based on their feedback, HR teams can improve employee satisfaction and reduce turnover.

Why employee opinions seem to change a lot

Employee opinions on important subjects often seem to change rapidly due to several factors. One of the primary reasons is the ever-changing landscape of work. New technologies, changing customer expectations, and shifting economic conditions can all have a significant impact on how employees view their work and the company they work for.

Additionally, employees may have different experiences and perspectives that can influence their opinions. For example, a change in leadership or management practices can have a significant impact on how employees view their jobs. A company's response to a crisis or external event can also influence employee opinions.

Finally, as the workforce becomes more diverse and inclusive, employees with different backgrounds and experiences may have varying opinions on workplace issues. HR teams must be able to adapt to these changes and ensure that all employees feel heard and valued.

The importance of staying on top of employee opinions

One of the greatest joys in HR can be when we uncover what employees are really thinking on an important workplace topic. We figured out what employees want and need and so now we can make changes to improve the employee experience! And then employee opinions and priorities change after all that work we put in. The days of reactive HR planning are over and we no longer have the time to run long term surveys, uncover insights, plan the changes, get management support for those changes and then implement them. Now HR must be proactive and real time managers of the living, breathing, and ever changing workforce.

To stay on top of rapidly changing employee opinions, employers must continuously monitor the "Voice of the Employee." This involves regularly gathering feedback from employees and using that information to make informed decisions about how to improve the work environment.

Using technology to measure employee opinions

To effectively measure employee opinions, HR teams can leverage new AI based Employee Analytics Software like TruPulse. This technology can help employers to collect and analyze feedback from employees in real-time, enabling them to respond quickly to changing opinions.

Employee Analytics Software can measure many different types of data on the workplace experience from company morale, trending workplace topics, to how well a company is adhering to its cultural values. AI based people analytics software goes beyond basic data and provides detailed positive and negative sentiment analysis, and emotional breakdowns of important topics, as well as long term trends on these topics. It can even filter data by all of the different groups within a company be they regional, departmental, demographic or any other important groups HR wants to understand.

The best part of AI based People Analytics software is that it runs continuously and in real time so HR teams will never be surprised when employee opinions change since they have been watching the trends evolve over time. No need to wait for a quarterly or yearly survey because you have the data whenever you need it.

Ban Change, Ignore Change or Understand Change

In today's rapidly changing work environment, HR teams have three options. Ask employees not to change their minds on workplace issues to make life easier on the HR team. Ignore changes that are going on in the workplace and hope engagement, retention and morale don’t get affected. Implement real time AI based People Analytics software to continually stay on top of a changing workforce and meet their needs for a positive and fulfilling workplace experience.

Employees who feel heard and valued are more likely to be engaged and productive, which ultimately benefits the company as a whole. HR teams that prioritize understanding and responding to employee opinions will be better equipped to navigate the ever-changing world of work and create a work environment that fosters success and growth for all employees.

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